5 Tips and Tricks for a Great Manicure

Tips and Tricks for a Great Manicure

Holding, eating, writing, typing, cooking, cleaning – well there is no end to the jobs done by our hands. So, isn’t it important to keep them clean, healthy and young? Researchers have found that women’s hands with nail polish looked a lot younger than women who did not use it. So, ladies, it’s time for you to pamper your hands. The best way is to get a manicure done. Here are 5 tips and tricks for a great manicure.

1. File your nails

While filing the nails is the best way to give them a good shape, filing nails with rough nail file can lead to more damage. Peeling and splitting is a common problem of rough nail filing. Using the right type of filing is very important and so is being gentle.

2. Shape and groom your nails

Using emery body to shape the nails will give them a definite shape but it is always believed that keeping ¼ inch nail beyond the fingertips is the ideal method. It is equally imperative to avoid snipping cuticles. Using a cuticle pusher to push them inside is a better option and so is moisturizing them.

3. Prepare your nails before polishing

There are plenty of myths about nail polishes and yellowing of nails. Many people are under the impression nails yellow because they cannot ‘breathe’ since nails are constantly painted. The truth however is that nails yellow due to dark colors. The best way to avoid is to apply a transparent base coat before applying the polish.

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