10 Interesting Facts About Your Favorite Teddy Bears

10 Interesting Facts About Your Favorite Teddy Bears

Teddy bears have been eternal favorites with the children and female clan. Men have always resorted to these cuddly toys in case they don’t find any good gift for their children, wives or girlfriends. Every woman has at least one teddy bear living in her home and these softies are universally loved. Read on to find some interesting facts about the little Teddy bear.

1. The whole world is a fan of giant teddy bears as the bigger their size, the more coveted they are. However, in order to enter The Guinness Book of World Records, Lynn Lumb of Halifax of England made the smallest teddy bear measuring on 8.5mm tall. Now that is one teddy bear you cannot cuddle with.

2. Teddy bears have been around for more than a century. The first teddy bear ever made and sold commercially was in the November of 1902 by a Brooklyn shopkeeper, Morris Michtom.

3. You can’t associate a weird word like ‘Bruins’ with something as cuddly and loving as a teddy bear but that is exactly what this toy was known as before it gained popularity with the word ‘Teddy bear’.

4. This name of ‘Teddy bear’ was named after the then president of the US, Theodore Roosevelt who was fondly called Teddy. On a political trip involving a dispute over the border between Louisiana and Mississippi, Roosevelt went on a side hunting outing in 1903 in Mississippi. He had refused to shoot a helpless black bear cub which had been chained to a tree for him by his hosts who wanted to ensure that he would bag a hunting prize. Due to this compassion shown by him for the little bear, the name of ‘Teddy bear’ was given to the famous soft toys.

5. The most expensive teddy bear has been made by the Steiff company which is known as the 125 Carat Teddy Bear. The limited edition collection of such expensive teddy bears had only 125 of them. The fur of each bear was made with raw silk, mohair and real gold threads attached by hand, while their eyes were made with 18kt gold embedded with 20 small diamonds and pupils made of sapphires. The mouths, anniversary tags around their necks and the trademark Steiff ear tags were all made of gold. And you thought that teddy bears were one of the most affordable gifts to give.

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