6 Signs You are Finally Over Him

6 Signs You are Finally Over Him

It’s difficult to pick up the pieces of a broken relationship and move on to another phase of your life. It’s even tougher when he’s the one who ended it. Being a strong woman though, you obviously know that no one but you can control your life. Here are 6 signs that will confirm you are finally totally over your ex and have dismissed him as a silly chapter in your life.

1. He is not the guy you think of when you come across something romantic

Everytime you heard a romantic number, saw a mushy scene from a rom-com or read a love story, your mind would wander to thoughts of the two of you. Fortunately this hasn’t happened recently and in fact, you picture your new crush or your favorite celebrity in place of the said hero.

2. You feel nothing when you see him with another girl

You no longer cringe on seeing his Facebook updates about his life post you, especially those in which he seems to be happy. Even when you spot him with another girl, you feel nothing, nil, nada. When the feeling of hate or love is replaced by apathy and indifference, it shows that he is back to being a stranger for you, like he was once upon a time.

3. You don’t mind being on cordial terms with him

When a relationship breaks down, one of you might try to win the other back by being extra loving. The next stage, however, is one of intense heartbreak and anger that results in hatred for your ex, making you sever all ties with him. Now when you feel you have reached a stage where you don’t feel any affection or animosity for him and don’t mind interacting occasionally online or via mutual friends, you are probably over him. From days of cringing at the mention of his name, you have moved on to being cordial with him.

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