7 Selfie Ideas For Friends

5. The frown on the face

Try something different with your besties like a group frown selfie. All of you make sad faces and then click a selfie. Well, this is not to describe your state but it is to do something different. A frown on the face selfie would surely be a different way to click a selfie. Embrace this new idea for fun and do enjoy.

6. Filter selfies

Also click different types of filter selfies with your friends. Your expression in the selfie can be anything you want. You just need to change the camera setting and filter. Like, an achromatic selfie with your besties would really be cool. It will take you to the time when you became friends with your besties.

7. Keep it natural selfie

Sometimes it is good to keep a selfie all natural. For instance, without makeup or even without different filters those are available. Click a cool selfie with your friends by keeping it all natural. You and your besties can also pose in a natural way. Just keep the pose real and smile as you always do in the company of your besties. This would be the most amazing selfie that you would click with your friends.

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