5 Ways To Celebrate International Workers Day

5 Ways To Celebrate International Workers Day

Before starting with the celebrations of the International Workers day, it is important to know why this day is celebrated. The story goes like this. On 4th May, 1988, the Chicago police had fired on workers during a general strike for the eight hour work day, killing many workers. Ever since, on 1st May International Workers day is celebrated in more than 80 countries every year to remember the people died in the infamous Haymarket Massacre. It isn’t only about that; it also sends a message to workers around the world to fight for their rights like working in a healthy environment, to get the pay that they deserve and be treated right.

Listed are some things you can do on International Workers Day-

1. Go To A Parade

International Workers Day Parade is grand! Just take a red flag with you, join the other people participating in it and celebrate this occasion with others workers and civilians. Who knows, you will find friends for lifetime here. If you are taking your kids there, they will be more than happy to see the band and clowns at the parade. Go early and find a good place to watch from, you sure don’t want to lose anything of the parade!

2. Pack Lunch And Go Jet Skiing

Pack a few sandwiches and donuts and rent a jet ski or go on a boat ride and get sun kissed. It will be a great way to enjoy the blue waters and nature.

3. Throw A House Party

Don’t feel like going out on a holiday? Well, here’s a fun way to celebrate this day. grab a few drinks, call home all your close ones and barbecue chicken and dance till the night fades away.

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