Why Do Bad Things Happen to You? 7 Facts About the Law of Karma

Why Do Bad Things Happen to You? 7 Facts About the Law of Karma

The Law of Karma has been mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures in the Sanskrit language. Surprisingly, this Law is very similar to Newton’s Third Law – every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Whatever we do and whatever action we take on a day to day basis eventually results in formulating our lives. That is to say, what we do results in what we get back in our lives. Whenever we take an action, we set in motion a full circle of motion in the universe that always comes around to us. Therefore, if we do a good deed, somehow, the goodness will come back to us, even if we do not initially see how. Likewise, if we do bad things, we cannot escape the bad turn of events fate will have upon us. This is a universal law, which has been talked about since time immemorial in the ancient Indian scriptures, and are being currently corroborated by the findings and teachings of modern quantum physicists and motivational speakers as what we now know as the Law of Attraction. All these Laws talk about the same thing, and the Law of Karma is at the core of them all. Listed here are the 7 major facts about the Law of Karma.

1. The Law of Karma emphasizes on the cause and effect relationship between our deeds and our lives. It states that whatever we do is directly related to whatever happens to us – including people, circumstances and situations. Good deeds attract good people, situations and circumstances, while bad deeds inevitably attract everything negative and unhappy. So if bad things are happening to you, ask yourself if you are doing enough good.

2. Humility is a necessary trait in order to be truly happy. When one is humble, one does not think lowly of others and easily avoids negative thoughts from entering one’s mind. If you are judgmental in nature and look down upon those who are less privileged than you, you are closing doors to your happiness yourself. But if you are humble, such negative thoughts will never occur to you.

3. If you want to grow as a human being, you must not only do good things but bring about a positive change in the persona that you are. When you change yourself to be a better human being, you invariably do positive things and bring about positive changes in other people’s lives as well. This change leads to your own growth – a growth towards true happiness.

4. The Law of Karma also encompasses the Law of Responsibility and it states that you must stop complaining at once and take up responsibility for your own actions. If bad things are happening to you, it is you and only you who are responsible. So take responsibility, change your actions and think positive if you want to bring about a change in your life, instead of complaining of your bad fortune and blaming others.

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