How To Look Like A Nerd Girl?

How To Look Like A Nerd Girl?

Not everybody hates to look like a nerd. There are so many cool things about looking like one. For starters, the world will take you seriously. It won’t be long before you become your teacher’s favorite student in class or seem like a really smart candidate at an interview. Are you convinced? Want to learn how to look like a nerd now? Then all you got to do is read below. We bring you tips on how to look like a nerdy girl.

1. Pick the right hairdo

Nerds have a typical way of doing up their hair. Right from letting it loose to tying it up into pig tails, whatever you do, see that it looks as boring as ever. You can try wearing a thick fringe that hangs loose on your forehead. Take inspiration from the nerds in movies. Our suggestion would be something like Anne Hathaway’s look in the movie The Princess Diaries before she gets a makeover. Or you could even try the “Ugly Betty” look.

2. Change your wardrobe

Nerds wear boring colors and grandma patterns. So if you want to look like one, you will have to stop wearing anything that looks stylish. Instead say ‘yes’ to high waisted jeans (Mommy’s jeans) with an elastic waist, blouses with shoulder pads, Tees with sarcastic statements and A-line long skirts. Do not expose, cover yourself up as far as possible. Nerds just cannot afford to look sexy in any way. Also wear lots of collared shirts with high waisted cotton pants having vertical lines. When you wear buttoned down shirts, make sure that you wear the buttons right till the top.

3. Finish with accessories

Shoes can be Chuck Taylor sneakers as they are comfortable. Match them with knee-length cotton socks. Always wear a watch. And we’re not talking about the elegant and sophisticated watches. Your watch should look like you borrowed it from 1960. Right from a boring frame to a super boring strap holding it to your wrist, it will contribute significantly to your look. Always wear a belt, that is the reason why your pants have a loop, right?

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