7 Selfie Ideas For Friends

7 Selfie Ideas For Friends

The selfie craze has caught everyone in life. Selfies with friends are too much fun. But, you can’t always post the same kind of selfies on your social page. So, if you want to try something different, listed are some selfie ideas for friends. Have a cool time by clicking these selfies.

1. Snap it on shoes

If you want to make it more interesting, then simply take a selfie with your friends with one pair of shoes. Like, you can create a huddle and stand with your besties. In that circle use one leg and shoe and snap a selfie. This would really be interesting when you upload it to any social media sites. The comments would be like where are the faces behind the selfie.

2. Photo bomb

Another fun and creative way to click a selfie with your friends! Just stand with your friends and take a selfie, but ask one of your friends to photo bomb your selfie picture. This would surely be a different one. Ask your friend to stand anywhere behind the selfie picture when you click that perfect shot.

3. Weird faces

Another fun way to click selfies with your friends! Randomly make some weird faces with your besties. Like the tongue out expression or maybe some hand gesture expression. You and your friends should have similar expression for the perfect selfie. Upload it to your social sites and see how your other friends react.

4. The show off selfies

If you want to show something that you just bought like a beautiful accessory, tell your friends to do the same thing. A group of two three friends can show off the things that they bought. Stand in a cool pose and show off the things. This selfie is called as the show off selfie and its quite fun if you click it with your besties.

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