8 Sagittarius Negative Traits To Overcome

8 Sagittarius Negative Traits To Overcome

Sagittarians are go getters in life. They like to face challenges which help them to excel in everything that they do. But, there are some negative traits of the Sagittarius which affect their personality. So, listed are some traits that you must overcome if you are a Sagittarian.

1. Too blunt

You never shy away to give your feedback on things and that too bluntly. Being blunt at times is good as you get to express your feelings but it can also hurt your loved ones in the process. Know where you need to be blunt and where you need to keep quiet. That will help you deal with this trait of yours.

2. No tolerance

You don’t have that patience which is required and situations. Actually, you don’t have that tolerance level towards things. You get impatient with every small thing. You panic on things that hold no relevance. Be a tad more patient towards things because that will help you to stay relaxed.

3. Too inconsistent

Your interest is generally short lived. You are easily bored with things. When you are involved in something, you don’t give your hundred percent in that particular thing. So, you are inconsistent with things. You need to overcome this trait of yours as this can also affect your work.

4. Being overconfident

You have this trait in you, you are over confident in everything that you do. That actually makes you stubborn and rude at times. You are ready to accept any challenge that comes your way. But, your over confidence can also affect your personality at times. It’s good to be confident but not good to be overconfident.

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