6 Tips to Ease Neck Pain

6 Tips to Ease Neck Pain

Neck pain can arise from several reasons. Bad posture, extended hours of working, stress and strain or any other trauma to the neck can cause neck pain. While there are medications, all of us want some simple tips to get rid off the pain quickly. Here are some effective tips in dealing with neck pain.

1. Rotate your neck

This is the simplest of exercises that can be done anytime and anywhere and requires nothing but your neck. If you find your neck muscles tensed, simply rotate your neck in a circular motion to stretch out those muscles. Although it may be less convenient to begin with, it will ease out and offer relief from pain eventually. Similarly, moving your neck back and forth and from side to side improves its motion. Stop immediately when pain increases.

2. Swim

Yes, swimming helps in offering relief from pain. Swimming has therapeutic effects by minimizing inflammation, offering pain relief and promoting better motion of the neck. Maintain water level up to your neck and move around in that position. Alternatively, bring your body to a squat position until water reaches the chin and then move back and forth and from side to side for a lot of relief.

3. Shift to ergonomic conditions

Keep your computer monitor at eye level. Shift from holding the phone while talking, to a headset or hands-free function. Do not place the laptop or tablet on your lap. Instead put them on a pillow at an angle that is convenient to your neck. Switch to an ergonomic chair that contours your body beautifully if you constantly develop back and neck stiffness. Maintain good posture while you sit, stand or walk. Do not slouch.

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