7 Souvenirs You Must Get from Paris

7 Souvenirs You Must Get from Paris

Most often, those little things that you find at your dream destination make really cute souvenirs. Here are a few relatively cheap suggestions on what you could probably purchase as souvenirs from Paris.

1. A replica of the Eiffel Tower

Nothing can symbolize Paris more than the famous Eiffel Tower. So you can get these miniature replicas of the Eiffel Tower for yourself and also for your family and friends. It is available in bronze, silver, optic fiber or even in gold and can be purchased from anywhere in Paris.

2. Silk scarves

You should surely get silk scarves with all those lovely designs imprinted all over. The designer ties too would make a cherished souvenir. These are relatively cheap in Paris and they also do not consume any luggage space at all.

3. Chocolates

This is sure to please the young and the old alike. Dark chocolates made in Paris are found to have many health benefits and are a must-buy. Paris has some of the most scrumptious chocolates you would have ever tasted.

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