6 Signs You are Drinking too Much Water

6 Signs You are Drinking too Much Water

Water is essential for the body, but too much of it can harm the body. You heard it right! Too much of water in a day can cause problems in the body. Excessive water intake is called water intoxication. How much is too much? Are you drinking more than your body actually requires? Listed below are some signs that you are drinking too much water, read on.

1. You carry a bottle everywhere

If you carry a bottle with you all through the day, you might actually end up drinking more. Sipping water throughout the day is good. But, with a bottle, chances are that you might drink more than your body actually needs. 10-15 glasses of water is good enough for the day. Carry a bottle only if you require and not without meaning.

2. You experience loss of appetite

If you do not feel hungry, then it is because of water intake. Excessive water intake can cause stomach fullness. This results in loss of appetite. There is also a feeling of lethargy with this. Weakness in the body is also a sign of over hydration in the body.

3. You experience muscle cramps

Excessive water intake can cause muscle stiffness and cramps in the body. Off late if you are experiencing muscle stiffness, do check your water intake. If you drink more than 15 glasses of water in a day, then it can cause muscle weakness in the body.

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