What Can You Do in New York?

What Can You Do in New York?

The fascinating skylines of Manhattan tempt everyone to visit New York City at least once in their lifetime. And if that was not enough, most sitcoms based in NYC tease the rest of the world how interesting and fun life in NYC is. While not everyone can shift to this globally appealing city, one can always get the maximum experience on a short vacation over there. Here are some things that you should totally not miss out when you visit New York.

1. Architectural Delights

The city of skyscrapers will have every other building constructed in a beautiful fashion, giving a visual treat to the tourist. However, even amongst them, there are some wonderful architectural delights that you definitely cannot miss. The Empire State Building tops the list, followed closely by the Statue of Liberty. Take a tour inside the Empire State building if you are interested in knowing about it’s interesting facts, and the story behind its development. You should also visit the South Street Seaport along with the Top Of The Rock Observation Deck to get a paranomical view of the city’s commercial style of living. Do plan a visit to Times Square as well.

2. Museums and National Parks

The Rockefeller Center, American Museum of Natural History, Bronx Zoo, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Lower East Side Tenement Museum are some of the places you should not miss. New York is a creatively buzzing city, with all kinds of artists residing here, as well as studying or taking inspiration from here. Hence, you will find various art museums and centers, dedicated to promoting and preserving various forms of art.

3. Food and Drink

New York has some of the best pubs and restaurants for tourists to get a good culinary experience. Do try out some of the restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen, a compound close to Times Square, where you will find numerous eating joints serving food from multiple cuisines of the world. Also, don’t miss out on signature street café’s and delis of New York, where you will find the best Hot Dogs and burgers.

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