7 Things you Should Never Tell Your Boss

7 Things you Should Never Tell Your Boss

You need to take care of the things you say to your boss. You can damage your professional image, your prospects for promotion and even your relationship with your boss, if you say inappropriate things to him. Find out the things you should never say to your boss if you want to be a good employee.

1. “I am not a team player”

No boss will ever like to hear that one of his or her subordinates is not a team player. Bosses rely on efficient team work to get the best productivity out of their teams and achieve targets as quickly as possible. Team work is essential for any business, and employees who are not team players diminish the efficiency of team performance. If you have differences with your team mates, ask your boss to help you sort out the troubles rather than going and telling him or her that you are not a team player.

2. “You don’t pay me to do this”

You should never tell your boss that he or she does not pay you to do some work that has been assigned to you. Even if the task given to you is slightly outside your job description, your employers typically expect you to go beyond and contribute in any way you can.

3. “I can’t do this task”

You should never tell your boss directly that you are unable to do a task that has been assigned to you. No matter how difficult or complicated your task seems, never say upfront that you can’t do it. Instead, ask your boss if he or she has any tips to offer on how you can complete the task. Ask for help, ask for advice, but don’t say no to a job given to you.

4. “I will leave if you don’t fulfill my demand”

Threatening your boss over one of your demands is as good as hitting yourself in the foot. There is a way to deal with all situations and giving your employer a threat that you will leave if your demands are not met is not the right way. Lay down your demands, whether it is a pay rise or shorter work hours, and allow your boss to revert to you in a professional manner rather than leaving him without any options.

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