6 Beauty Secrets Inspired by Nature

6 Beauty Secrets Inspired by Nature

Nature has a lot to offer us. Along with air, water and food, it also offers us some great stuff for beautifying ourselves and the list is just endless. It makes a lot of sense to use them as they cost comparatively less and do not come with any chemicals. The chances of side effects and allergies are also less making them a good choice for beauty products. Here are some natural products and their beauty secrets.

1. Coconut oil as a moisturizer and more

Coconut oil works great on your skin and your hair. You can apply it on your skin to make it soft and smooth. It also acts as a hydrating agent and is good when you have dry or chaffed skin. It works its magic on your hair too making it lustrous and adding moisture to it to give it a shiny healthy look. You can apply raw coconut oil to your skin and hair or use it as a cooking oil and make great tasting food.

2. Berries to color your lips

Berries have a strong color and when you mix it up with other fruits and vegetables like pomegranate and beetroot they give you different colors. Depending on the portion of the fruits and vegetable used, you can get different shades. Add a little olive oil to the pulp, drain the liquid and you have a lip stain that is all natural.

3. Strawberries for brighter skin and teeth

Strawberries have salicylic acid which acts as a natural bleach. You can make strawberries into a pulp and add honey or plain yoghurt to it to make a facial mask to make your skin brighter or fresher. It also acts as a natural bleaching agent for your teeth, when you mix it with baking soda and leave it on your teeth for a few minutes before brushing.

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