5 Ways to Become More Sensitive to his Emotions

Ways to Become More Sensitive to his Emotions

When you are in a relationship, it is not only important to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. You must also be aware of each other’s feelings and emotional state. Since men rarely express what’s truly going on in their mind, it becomes especially difficult to understand their true feelings. We give you some of the ways in which you can try and be more sensitive to his emotions.

1. Listen carefully

It is not always enough to just hear what your man is saying. What matters the most is how well you are actually able to listen to what he is not saying. We all cannot be mind readers but if you make just a little effort, you will be able to understand what he is truly trying to say. Men do not usually spend too many words on explaining or expressing their feelings. So, it is important to catch the hints and know what your man actually needs.

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2. Read the body language

It is extremely important to learn how to read your loved one’s body language. Where his words may fail, his body language may succeed in delivering the message. Observe his posture, gestures, eyes, brows, facial expressions, etc. when he is around. There might be a lot of things that he is not comfortable sharing but his body language can give you some hint about what is going on in his mind and how he is feeling.

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3. Keep his secrets

An important aspect of being sensitive to your man’s emotions is to let him know that you are trustworthy. He will only open up to you when he is sure that his secrets will be safe with you. Well, it may take years for that trust to build up but you must stay patient and wait for him to feel comfortable enough to open up to you. Once he is able to confide in you, you must respect his emotions and not judge him.

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