40 Reasons To Love Life

40 Reasons To Love Life

Life is the most beautiful gift given to us by God. But sometimes in the hustle bustle of our daily lives, we forget to appreciate the beauty of this gift. So take a moment from your stressful schedule and think about your life. Enlisted here are 40 reasons to love life.

1. You get it only once, so cherish your life and live it fully!

2. Someone loves you and cares for you!

3. You can watch the amazing rising sun and feel energetic!

4. You can lean on your beloved’s shoulder and watch the romantic sunset!

5. Life gives you the chance to express your love!

6. You can read and write!

7. You get to use Twitter and Facebook!

8. You have a network of friends who are always there for you!

9. You can enjoy getting drenched in rain!

10. You can make someone happy!

11. You get compliments from others!

12. You get to meet new and exciting people!

13. You get to enjoy all the different types of food!

14. You can get completely lost in sinful chocolate brownies and ice-creams!

15. You have someone to share it with!

16. Life can make you laugh and cry at the same time!

17. Life is so unpredictable which makes it exciting. Love it for its spontaneity!

18. You can enjoy music – Beatles, Pink Floyd, Sting and every piece of good music ever composed!

19. You are healthy enough to read this!

20. Love life because that’s the only way to have it love you back!

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