Top 5 Love Songs of all Time

Top 5 Love Songs of all Time

Love is one of those paradoxical emotions everyone feels at least once in their lives. You feel like there aren’t enough ways to express it and yet come up with a thousand ways to say that you are in love. Some use poetry, some plain words, some go for over the top antics and a lot music. Music as a medium to express love and other feelings of the heart has been quite famous for a long time. It is a centuries old way to express what you feel and how you feel towards the other person. Music transcends barriers of age, culture, race and countries. Truly passionate music conquers all. The best thing about music is that it can be shared and when it is really good, you do not even have to know the language to understand what is being said. It touches us all at some deep innermost level. Love songs especially, when they are good, they are real good. Here are some top love songs of all time.

1. Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage garden

It is one of those songs when it was released was played all over and listened by so many that it became almost a cult classic. Shot in Paris, arguably one of the most romantic cities in the world, this song talks about true love that lasts forever and love that stays strong though all trials and tribulations.

2. Crush by Garbage

It is not really a song for everyone, but the feelings it conveys are definitely something that a lot of people would have experienced. It borders on obsessive love, where the love is too great that she is willing to even die for him. It ceases to be disturbing or creepy when you actually feel the strength of her love.

3. In your eyes by Peter Gabriel

It is a very popular song, a kind of reference to popular romanticism, but surprisingly the guy does not use the word love in the song and tries to tell her that he loves her and struggles to fill in all his emotions into the four letter word. Love for him is too much to bear and way too much to be bottles up in just a word.

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