7 Reasons Why Dating a Doctor is Cool

Reasons Why Dating a Doctor is Cool

When you are in love with someone, or when you are dating that person, it doesn’t really matter what they do for a living or what their profession is. However, let’s face it, sometimes, it does make things a lot easier (or difficult, depending on the situation), when it’s a profession that benefits us closely in some way or the other. It’s something like that with doctors. You would have loved that person anyway, even if he weren’t a doctor. But the fact that he is one makes dating him even cooler. Here’s why dating a doctor is cool.

1. They are hard working people

They have spent a major portion of their life in following their dream or ambition, and have managed to reach where they are only after a lot of hard work. Such people are a great motivation or inspiration, and always encourage us to work hard.

2. They have good communication skills

Not only are they the most courteous people to talk with, they are also very good listeners. They are trained to be polite with patients, and that somehow trickles down in their personal life, rather in their personality, in general. That is why they make for a great partner.

3. They’re smart

They are intelligent people who know a lot about the human body. And most doctors actually know a lot about just about everything in general. Their interest in academics from a very young age motivates them to gain knowledge in a variety of subject areas, and hence, they always have intelligent things to talk about. They aren’t dumb or slow.

4. They have a good status

People respect them a lot. In general, the society kind of looks up to doctors, mainly because it is considered to be a very noble profession. It’s always nice to be with a person whom everyone likes and respects. You feel good about it.

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