5 Reasons Why Dating a Coworker is Great

Reasons Why Dating a Coworker is Great

Sometimes, when you have a really busy professional life, your social or friend circle gets limited to your coworkers. Since your work timings and break timings are the same, and you literally enter and exit work with them, you become really tight friends with your coworkers and start to hang out with them more often than you initially thought. This is even truer in cases of jobs or professions where you are often required to travel with your coworkers to different cities, where you don’t have anyone else for company except for them. Before you know it, you will be catching up for beers, dinners, lunches, post-work relaxing coffees, movies and a lot more. In such a scenario, it is only natural for you to start liking one of your coworkers a lot. And if things go alright, then chances are that you might end up dating that person.

While there is an obvious initial hesitation, because you think that either your professional or your personal relationship will suffer because of this, some couples manage this really well. They know how to literally ‘get out’ of the mushy zone when at work, and ‘get in’ the zone post work. This is a really cool arrangement, and here are some of the reasons for you to understand why dating a coworker can actually turn out to be quite great.

1. You won’t fight on schedules

You both literally have the same schedule, so there is no scope for the other person to be busy when you are free, or vice versa. Your free time matches his, and that means that you can make the most of it without having to compromise even a single bit. No cribbing about mismatching of holidays as well; you’ll both get it at the same time.

2. You get to see each other all day

Sometimes, when the day is going bad or when you are feeling low, just seeing the person you love the most can cheer you up. And what’s better than having that person right in front of you all the time? That gives you motivation to keep working, and will keep you cheerful all the time. Plus, you can get those occasional pep talks during lunch or coffee breaks.

3. You get to be with each other all the time

Since you already know him from the time you weren’t dating him, you are already aware of his general behavior and attitude. And now that he is dating you, he’s there in front of your eyes all the time and you know his schedule in and out. So there is no scope for him to cheat on you and cancel on a date to go somewhere else. It’s like you are together all the time, and get to be transparent with each other all the time too.

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