5 Reasons Why You Should not Discipline Your Kids in Public

Reasons Why You Should not Discipline Your Kids in Public

Disciplining kids in public can be a double-edged sword because if you do not discipline them, society will decide that you are a negligent parent and if you do, then you are stamped as a harsh parent. Again, disciplining your kids in public can have a negative effect on your kids. So how do you learn to walk this tight rope? Check out 5 reasons you should avoid punishing kids in public.

1. They won’t take your words seriously

The reason you should not discipline your kids in public too often is because they are likely to end up thinking, you are upset with them always, so it makes no difference if they add a prank or two more. So instead of shouting or yelling at kids in public, use your body language to convey that you are angry with them. This will get the point across stronger.

2. They will learn that disturbing others is not an issue

When you shout or yell at kids in public, it is bound to attract attention from others and when kid learns that this is okay with you, they are likely to think it is okay to create a nuisance in public. It is always better to make your kids understand your tonal variations. The moment they sense you are angry, they will understand, and this is far more acceptable than you creating a ruckus and painting a rude picture of yourself in public.

3. They need to learn it at home

Teaching your kids the right kind of behavior at home will go a long way in shaping their personality. They will not misbehave in public when they know the standard of behavior you expect from them. Of course, there will be an occasional tantrum or two but then you can deal with it easily.

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