5 Tips on How to Get Along With Coworkers You Hate

Tips on How to Get Along With Coworkers You Hate

The office is not exactly one of the most cheerful places to spend almost half of your day in. Add to that problematic relationships with coworkers, and life in office becomes no less than hell. Keeping a good rapport with colleagues not only brings in a lot of positivity, but also helps you in getting ahead at the workplace. Here are the 5 tips on how to get along with coworkers you hate.

1. Confront them head-on

Sometimes confronting the person face to face is the best thing to do. Sitting down calmly and discussing the problem can solve it, provided you both go with an open mind and a mature mentality. Sometimes most problems crop up because of silly misunderstandings, which only get cleared up when you talk.

2. Give them a dose of kindness

This is one tip that works 90% of the time. Give your nasty coworker a dose of kindness, and make it a heavy one. A constant smile, polite behavior, greetings – basically let your face shine with the ethereal light of kindness. This can do 3 things. It will compel your coworker to rethink on his/her behavior towards you. It will make your coworker feel guilty and reciprocate the kindness. It will frustrate and anger your coworker so much that they will eventually give up.

3. Share meals

Sharing your meals gives you a great opportunity to bond better. Offer the person something special that you’ve brought for lunch or ask them if they want to go out and take a quick bite with you. And if you want to go the extra mile, then ask your colleague what he/she likes to have, and maybe you can prepare the dish and carry it to office especially for them.

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