5 Home Remedies for Pink Lips

Home Remedies for Pink Lips

Lips are the important parts of the face that enhances your beauty. Natural, pink lips are a good treat for the eyes. A few are lucky enough to have it naturally and a few others, who have lost it due to various other external factors, can regain it by means of some simple home remedies. So check out the 5 home remedies for beautiful, pink lips.

1. Aloe vera gel

One classic home remedy for pink lips is aloe vera gel. Gently massage your lips with aloe vera gel as this prevents drying of lips, removing dirt and lightening the complexion of the lips. The anti-oxidant rich aloe gel is very effective in lightening dark lips and making it pink.

2. Cucumber

If you want to retain lip moisture and lighten the skin tone of your lips, cucumber is great. Massage your lips with cucumber slice for two weeks and see the difference.

3. Olive oil and honey

One classic home remedy for pink lips is applying a mixture of olive oil, honey and lemon juice. A rich source of Vitamin E, olive oil make lips glowing and soft. Apply this mixture before going to bed and repeat for two weeks.

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