5 Reasons Why We Love Game of Thrones

Reasons Why We Love Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is considered to be one of the best fantasy drama television series of all times. It has created a benchmark for all further such shows to come, and has been making audiences fall in love with it right from the very first episode that aired on HBO. Here are the reasons why we love this series more than any other.

1. Great production value

Right from the costumes to the sets to the lovely soundtracks, you know that money has been spent quite generously on this series. And it’s definitely worth it! The show has a unique look and feel, and lives up to the world that it shows. The overall budgets are actually quite similar to those of good movies, and that’s probably why most people appreciate the quality of the show.

2. Gorgeous actors

Some of the best-looking actors have been cast in this show, taking the eye-candy quotient to a whole new level. Characters like Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Rob Stark are gorgeous and how! The lovely costumes and the smart cinematography only make them look more stunning.

3. Edgy storyline

For any show to become successful, it is important that the storyline and the screenplay are strong. ‘Game of Thrones’ wins this challenge easily with a great screenplay and some wonderful dialogs. There is a certain kind of smartness in the way the story has been dealt with, making each episode edgy and interesting.

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