5 Reasons Why Lady Gaga is so Popular

5 Reasons Why Lady Gaga is so Popular

Call her insanely creative or immensely talented, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, best known as Lady Gaga is a perfect combination of both. Gaga ensures that she always leaves something interesting about her after a show/event for people to discuss about. Be it her meat dress or fake facial horns, her lyrics or her songs, Gaga arrests millions of hearts across the globe. One of the most controversial pop stars for the past couple of years, the effect that Lady Gaga has on popular culture is massive. Here are 5 reasons why she is so popular.

1. For her offbeat music

While some are die-hard fans of Gaga’s music, there are others who feel it is awful. No matter whether you like her or hate her, you cannot deny the fact that her music draws attention. Right from the first time you hear it, it has an impact on the listener. Her mastery at playing the piano is also something that is admirable. If you haven’t heard any music of Gaga, listen to her albums, The Fame (2008), The Fame Monster (2009), Born This Way (2011), and Artpop (2013). You will get to know why her music is so popular.

2. For her weird fashion sense

Apart from her music, another factor that has made her famous is her weird fashion sense. Lady Gaga has made a name for her unconventional fashion style. The outfits that she wears in her performances have attracted the attention of all. She is one of the few singers who can give a performance wearing anything that strikes her fancy. Her meat dress to bubble dress, egg hatching appearance to Swarovski crystal-covered ‘solar system’ gown, everything was an instant hit with her audiences. From her hairdos to her outrageous outfits, she is a trendsetter.

3. For her philanthropic activities

Apart from her music, she is also famous for her philanthropic work. She regularly does benefit concerts for the needy and is a strong advocate for LGBT equality. Her performance at MTV Japan’s charity show in Makuhari Messe, benefited the Japanese Red Cross a lot. Gaga also donated $1 million to the American Red Cross to help the victims of hurricane Sandy.

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