4 Reasons Why Depression Causes Sleepiness

4 Reasons Why Depression Causes Sleepiness

Facing moments of failure and happiness is a part and parcel of life. However, consistently feeling sad, disinterested, sleepy and apprehensive cannot be taken lightly. Depression is a parasite that feeds off your mental health, sleep pattern and physical well-being. Studies show that depression has become more prevalent today, more so in women and young girls. Though, there is no known cause of depression, its symptoms are easily identifiable. Excessive sleeping is one of the first signs of depression. Following are some reasons why depressed people tend to sleep more.

1. Depression makes you escape from reality

Escaping from the harsh realities of life is what people suffering from depression are always on the lookout for. Their make believe world is their own private haven, away from pain, sorrows and troubles. They find sleeping to be an easy way out. Because of their mind’s inability to cope, they find ways of avoiding the truth. Sadly, depression cannot be willed away. They need proper treatment and a lot of support from loved ones.

2. Depression leads to fatigue

Depression brings with it psychologically mediated physical fatigue. This is one of the most common causes of drowsiness among depression-affected people. Their back, eyes, legs feel drained of energy. The mental stress they are in becomes blatantly evident in their physical inactivity. Their psychological pressure does not permit them to remain physiologically strong for longer periods. With decreased levels of immunity, they are prone to infections and other related diseases.

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