9 Tips to Make Your House Safer for Kids

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Every parent worries about the safety of their children and more so, when they are in the growing stages wherein they may not be safe even in their own house. A lot of unfortunate incidents of children hurting themselves while in their homes occur, simply because the house wasn’t child proofed. Here are some ways to make your house safer.

1. Carpet the floors

Kids endure a lot of bruises and even twists or fractures when they run around on smooth, polished, marbled or tiled floors. Hence, carpeting your home floors makes good sense.

2. Store away dangerous stuff on top

Lock up hazardous things like forks, knives, detergents, cleaning chemicals, soaps, sprays and such other stuff high above your kid’s reach.

3. Affix grills

Whether you like it or not, you have to attach grills to your windows when you have a small child in the house and your home is located above the ground floor. It’s just a short term investment which is very much needed as it will assure you that there will be no chances of the little one falling down. Glass windows are not effective enough and your child could figure out how to open them.

4. Cribs and beds should be away from windows

To avoid untoward accidents of the baby or toddler getting out and falling through the window, keep windows shut and his or her bed or crib well beyond the reach of the window.

5. Keep house clutter free

It’s mostly the small things that lead to big accidents. Kids are prone to exploring and eating small stuff around the house that they find amusing enough to try out. Make sure your house is always neat and clean, devoid of even the smallest bit of clutter such as pens, Lego parts, jewelry, etc. strewn here and there.

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