8 Things that Make a Marriage Work

8 Things that Make a Marriage Work

They say all you need is love to make this world go round. However, marriage is a completely different matter altogether. It requires way more than just love to successfully make it through as life partners. Though there is no right formula for marital bliss, we give you some of the things that can go a long way in making a marriage work.

1. Patience

No matter how great you are together, staying together for life is going to require an immense amount of patience. Each day, for more moments than you can imagine, you will have to keep your cool, give your partner some time and not expect perfection all the time. It is this ability to keep your calm that can go a long way in making a marriage work.

2. Romance

Just because you have been married for a long time does not mean that the romance should die down. Usually, sex and romance take a beating after a couple has kids. However, if you just focus on the small gestures rather than the big expressions of love, then things can work out for you. Things like a simple kiss, a heart-felt compliment, the good old hand-holding, and frequent hugs can ensure that romance never goes out of the window.

3. Mutual respect

One of the most important things that is required for a successful marriage is mutual respect. This respect should extend to each other’s feelings, emotions, beliefs, way of living, expression of love, decisions, and behavior. You must value the way your partner is and give each other the space to be the kind of individuals that you want to be.

4. Honest friendship

A marriage that lasts a lifetime should essentially be based on friendship because it is this friendship that you will share for the longest time in your relationship. Things like sex will only be a small part of the whole journey. So, as long as you can love each other as friends and enjoy each other’s company, the marriage will work.

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