10 Ways To Practice Good Hygiene

10 Ways You Should Follow To Practice Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is not a process, it is a lifestyle choice. And it’s a good one. It’ll keep you healthy and attractive. Good hygiene goes a long way – a benefit for yourself, your family and friends. It is a stepping stone to a disease free, healthy lifestyle. Check out some healthy practices that you should follow diligently to maintain good hygiene.

1. Wash your hands – even if they don’t look dirty

This is not your normal ‘wash your hands before your meals’ tip. Washing your hands regularly is the most important way to prevent infections from spreading around the house. Wash your hands clean after using the toilet, touching garbage, being in contact with animals, dressing wounds or applying ointments/skin creams, preparing/consuming food, etc. I suggest that you buy a few bottles of hand sanitizer to keep around the house for those quick non-water fixes.

2. Cover all cuts, burns or bruises

Cuts and bruises are prime targets for infections. Whether you are moving around the kitchen or getting the house organized – open wounds can be nasty for you and for others. You may increase the chances of infection if your wound gets exposed to germs/bacteria. Others can get infected if they come in contact with germs/bacteria from your wound. That’s why, cover your cuts and bruises properly and disinfect them at regular intervals.

3. Disinfect regularly

I’m not talking about disinfecting your hands or kitchen towel. I’m talking about practicing disinfecting the home on a regular basis and at spots that you may overlook. I’m talking about places like in and around bin liners, corners of cupboards that hold food, around kids’ play areas, around the dining table, or around any other rubbish hot spots in the house. Eliminate germs at their source and you will have less to worry about later!

4. Keep your mouth clean

Time to get personal. Forget the bins, forget the sink – take care of yourself too. Our mouths are breeding grounds for bacteria and other microbes. Fight them with regular brushing and flossing of teeth. I recommend flossing after every meal. Are you a coffee addict? Too many drinks every day? If yes, use a mouth wash daily to reduce the build up of germs in your mouth and cavities. Dental strips are also extremely popular. This will go a long way – give you clean teeth and fresh breath, and protect your teeth in the long run.

5. Pluck stray hairs

This tip will kill two birds in one shot – hygiene and appearance. Nobody likes to see those stray hairs below the brows, or on the cheeks or in and around the nose. Yeah, they attract dirt and other things. They also look bad. So attack two problems and tweeze your strays away! Follow this as a regular practice and you will have less to worry about.

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