5 Reasons Why Cheerleading is a Sport

5 Reasons Why Cheerleading is a Sport

The debate is on since decades now – Is cheerleading a sport or not? Well, the answer is YES! Agreed, that it is not the conventional kind of sport, and hence, it faces the flak from a lot of old school people, who think that any sport needs to be more serious and athletic than cheerleading. But there is no definite parameter with which one decides that cheerleading is not a sport. Usually, young girls and women have to face a lot of negative comments on choosing to be in the cheerleading squad when in high school. However, everyone has to be enlightened with the fact that cheerleading is as serious a sport like all others. Cheerleading is not everyone’s cup of tea, and you need a lot of practice to get perfection. Besides, this sport also needs a lot of physical endurance and stamina. Here are a few reasons why cheerleading is rightly considered a sport.

1. It tests your stamina

A sport is defined as one wherein a lot of physical endurance and skill is required. And cheerleading is all about that. To jump from one position to another and continue the performance till the end needs a lot of stamina. This is achieved after going through rigorous training sessions and continuous practice. To be successful in this sport, you need to get ready for a lot of bruises and sprains, but the result is extremely satisfying.

2. There’s a lot of competition

Who said cheerleading is not a competitive sport? Cheerleading is not only about dancing and cheering in the sidelines of a football match; it is much more than just that. There are high voltage competitions in cheerleading, where individuals and teams compete with a lot of opponents. There are numerous high schools that participate in such a competition, and it is considered to be one of the most prestigious events.

3. There are strict rules

There is a panel of judges that reviews and moderates the competition. There are strict rules, time and space where cheerleading is performed. These are the parameters with which the judges assess the competition and the winner is declared. Hence, each team aims to score the highest with flawless performance, which only comes with regular and dedicated practice.

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