7 Tips to Deal With a Guy Who Really Annoys You

7 Tips to Deal With a Guy Who Really Annoys You

It is frustrating when someone annoys you all the time. You can tolerate it once, twice but the third time you feel like giving him back. If a guy is annoying you, then there are some tips to deal with him. Read on to know more.

1. Talk to your friend

If he continuously keeps annoying you, then naturally you would lose your cool. Talk to your best friend about this. When you open your heart and share things, you will feel much better. Your friend will help to pacify you, or may be advise you on what to do. She can give you a solution to this problem.

2. Confront him

Directly confront him on this issue. If he is doing this for a long time, then tell him that it is really irritating you. Talk to him in a polite tone. If you speak rudely, then he might feel insulted. Talk in a casual way to make him understand that you feel annoyed because of his behavior.

3. Be firm when you talk

If he is still annoying you, then you must be firm this time. Tell him loudly that he should stop annoying or else you have to take a step further. This is enough to make him realize that his behavior is causing problems in your life.

4. Unfriend him

If you are getting too annoyed by him, simply unfriend him from your friends list on Facebook. Also, unfollow him from your Twitter account. This might give you some respite from the problem.

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