10 Things a Guy Notices About You Immediately

10 Things a Guy Notices About You Immediately

No matter how busy or what work he is doing, the moment a girl enters the room, a guy’s eyes and mind begin to observe her and notice her from head to toe. You may not discover him noticing you but he is all busy checking you out. So, it’s better to be prepared for the attention. Who knows, you may bump into your Mr. Right! Listed here are some things a guy notices about you immediately.

1. Luscious curls

As soon as a guy looks at you, the first thing that he notices in you is your face. And it is your luscious curls that gives your face its charm. So, they always seem to be the first ones to get a guy’s attention. So, clean, comb and condition those curls regularly so that they catch hold of a guy’s scrutiny.

2. Graceful posture

“Your posture defines your personality”. This is not just a mantra given out at a management class, it equally applies to the dating world. When a guy happens to brush across or sees you from across a room, the first thing that he notices is your posture. Keeping your head high and standing tall sends an impressive message that says, “I am a confident and open minded girl. I am a kind of girl you must talk to know me better.” On the other hand, no one likes to see a girl with slouchy shoulders. So, be graceful and confident in your postures and body movements.

3. Your friend circle

Surprisingly, your friend circle also widely influences that first impression of the guy checking you out. It helps the guy know if you are a genuine person or not. A group of loud and rude friends indicates that you too are the same kind.

4. Your smile

This may sound as a cliché but it is also the most important one that a guy notices. A guy looking from a distance can judge from that smile and tell if it is a fake or a real smile.

5. Those high heels

Wearing those high heels not only adds grace to your walk but also signals to the guy that you are strong, sexy and bold.

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