5 Things You Should not Do Immediately After Eating

Things You Should not Do Immediately After Eating

There are a lot of things a lot of people tell you about what to do and what not to do after you have had your meals. While some of them might have some truth to it and be old age wisdom, some are just myths that you should not give much thought to. Here are some things that you definitely must not do after you have eaten a lot. They may not only make you feel uncomfortable but you can also risk your overall health in the longer term.

1. Do not go swimming after you have eaten a heavy meal

A lot of people think that a little exercise like swimming will help them get rid of the heavy feeling they have after they have had a big meal. Swimming after you have stuffed yourself may cause stomach cramps. This can prove fatal when you have swam for quite some distance and are unable to get back because you have very painful cramps that make it difficult to get back to the shore.

2. Do not sleep immediately after you have had a meal

A lot of people eat late in the night and go to bed almost immediately. It also happens in the afternoon where a siesta becomes a very tempting thing to do after a meal. But sleeping soon after you have eaten is bad for two reasons. The food does not get digested properly and you wake up with a burning sensation in your mouth and throat. This is because the digestive juices flow into your food pipe instead of your stomach when you are lying down. Wait for a while before you go to sleep.

3. Do not eat fruits after your meal

Eating fruits is a good thing, but it is not a recommended thing to do after you have eaten. Eating fruits makes you feel bloated and not only that when you eat fruits soon after a meal, they do not get digested as easily and remain in the stomach lining till they go bad. This will cause you much gastritis problems. Wait for a while before you eat fruits or have fruits firs thing in the morning where they get digested easily and give you enough strength for the day.

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