4 Reasons It’s a Myth that Men Fear Strong Women

4 Reasons It's a Myth that Men Fear Strong Women

The belief that men fear strong women has been going around for ages and probably has no scientific basis to it. Perhaps that is why it could be labelled as a myth that has been propagated over the years to benefit mean and create a prototype of subservient women who are looked more as nurturers than as equals. There is also no clear definition as to what characteristics in a woman makes her strong. Some equate strength in women to their physical traits while some link it to their emotional strength. Whatever it is, there has never been a consensus on what makes a woman strong. There are many reasons as to why it is a myth and here are a few.

1. Men subconsciously gravitate towards women who remind them of their mothers

And this is more pronounced when they have mothers who have had a strong presence in their lives. They had always looked up to their mothers, not in fear but in admiration of their many achievements and look for the same when they look for a partner. This is a good case to prove that men are not turned away or are scared by strong women. Rather they are drawn to them.

2. Men respect and not fear strong women

Unless the man is a psychopath or crazy, he really respects a woman who is strong. When a woman knows what she wants and sets about to get what she wants, there are more men who try and help her or be at her side than men who go away from her because of the fear she causes in him.

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