5 Health Benefits of Mint Leaves

5 Health Benefits of Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are widely used in western, oriental and Asian cuisines. Some people like using the goodness of mint leaves directly in their food, some use it as a garnish and other use it in the form of oil or extracts. Irrespective of how you use mint leaves, here are a few health benefits of the herb that you must know.

1. Mint leaves give better skin

The mint herb is popularly known for its quality of clarifying skin. It has natural properties that calm irritated and rough skin. The pulp of mint leaves can soothe mosquito and bee bites. Because mint leaves contain high concentration of Vitamin A, they improve and strengthen skin tissue. Mint is also known to be an astringent which can pacify acne prone skin. This is the reason why many cosmetics claim to have the goodness of mint. Oil extracts from this magical herb are also rich in salicylic acid which helps the skin in losing dead cells and prevents them from clogging. This reduces the chances of further breakouts.

2. Mint leaves reduce irritable bowels

Consuming the pulp of mint leaves or chewing them straight away after they are washed is a commonly known remedy for irritable bowels. If you are suffering from nausea because of an upset stomach or if you have a bloated stomach even if you haven’t eaten anything, you should consume mint leaves to aid digestion. The presence of certain healing compounds in mint herbs is known to prevent the formation of gas in the stomach.

3. Mint leaves may prevent cancer

A fair amount of research is trying to prove that mint leaves are effective in preventing colon cancer. Mint leaves are rich in Vitamin A, C and beta-carotene. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant which the body uses in a water soluble form to prevent the growth of free radicals in the body. This is known to deter cancer and tumor growth in the body.

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