6 Tips to Create Your Unique Image at the Workplace

6 Tips to Create Your Unique Image at the Workplace

You would want people to notice you, your work and skills at your work place. You would feel the need to create a unique image of your own and be more popular. It is a good feeling when all the people at work notice you and like you. Here are 6 tips to create a unique image at workplace.

1. Be social and interactive

For all the people to notice you first, you need to create a social bond with everyone. Greet everyone, interact with them or simply ask them how their work is going. Your friendly behavior would make them feel comfortable around you and you would seem very approachable. Friendly and social people mostly become very popular.

2. Give compliments to your colleague

Giving a compliment to someone would make his day. Once you are friendly with everybody, it would be good to give a compliment to them. This would make them happy and they would like you even more. Don’t go over board or it may seem like you are flirting.

3. Arrange get-togethers for your office

Try to be the most fun colleague at work place. Initiate plans for having lunch together or plan a small get together at your place. Be a good host and entertain people. This way you would be the fun colleague who puts efforts in bringing everyone together.

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