5 Tips on How to Help Your Child Make the Right Choice

5 Tips on How to Help Your Child Make the Right Choice

Children are full of inquisitiveness, which is definitely a good thing. It helps them explore the world with a new vision. Yet, many a time, this very same inquisitiveness may be harmful for them too. This is where parents come into the picture. Parents always want the best for their child, and though, mostly it is advisable for parents to let their child learn from their own mistakes, yet, at times this mistake can be too expensive. For those times, the child should be given the right advice before hand. The problem here is that if you try too hard, your child may start considering you as an obstacle in his life, and he will try harder to go against you. So, what is the right way to help him make the right choices in his life? Here are 5 tips which can be helpful.

1. The “What if” approach

If your child is doing something which you know is wrong, or making a choice which you know he is going to regret later, do not tell him “No, don’t do that”. Kids hate to hear no. Instead, give him some probabilities to think about. Such as, you can tell him, “What if the outcome of your decision is that?” or “What if this happens?” These questions will send the message to your child, and he will respect your opinion and actually think about it.

2. Know what you’re talking about

Obviously you know, and that is why you are talking. But kids don’t think so. It is a general trend that the kids feel they know more than their parents. You explain to them that you know what you are talking about, you have to first get down to their level. Getting down to their level means getting facts. Today’s children only trust solid facts. So get examples from newspaper, television, the internet, etc., which will justify your argument.

3. Meeting the boyfriend/girlfriend

Meeting one’s child’s boyfriend or girlfriend is probably the biggest test in the life of any parent. And in case if you think that the boy or girl is not right for your child, things become worse. One wrong step or statement from your end and your child could hate you for life. In delicate issues such as this, the wisest thing to do is be extremely patient. Let him carry on with the relationship, but always keep preparing him for the worst. Do not ask him or her to leave the partner immediately. That won’t happen. But always be behind him so that you can catch him when he falls.

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