10 Popular Ballroom Dances

10 Popular Ballroom Dances

Dancing is a form of expression that allows you to convey your emotions in a beautiful manner. Not always do you need words to express love, grief, despair, togetherness or loss, as you can dance it out.

There are different types of dance forms in the world, and one of the most widely recognized dance forms is Ballroom dancing. This style of dancing first became popular in England, and later went on to become one of the most admired and loved forms of dancing. The term ballroom comes from the word ‘ball’, which is derived from the Latin word ‘ballare’, meaning ‘to dance’.

Ballroom dancing is enjoyed with a partner in a social and competitive surrounding, and is a great recreational activity. Even in this modern age, ballroom dancing has not lost its charm, and there are people who are readily learning and enjoying the different kinds of ballroom dancing. Enlisted here are some of the most popular forms of ballroom dancing.

1. Waltz

Waltz is one of the oldest and smoothest forms of ballroom dancing. It is mainly performed with a partner and involves long, flowing and elongated movements. Waltz first came into existence in the 16th century, and till date, it holds a high stature in ballroom dancing. It is primarily practiced in closed position and looks extremely graceful and elegant. To be a great Waltz dancer, one has to glide around the floor effortlessly. One couple that comes to mind instantly, when talking of Waltz, is Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. They were iconic dance partners, who perform naturally and beautifully. They also came in many Hollywood movies together for a dance routine.

2. Foxtrot

Foxtrot is also one of the oldest forms of ballroom dance, which is simple to learn and is good for a beginner. This style is similar to Waltz when it comes to long, smooth and flowing movements. It became popular in the 1930s, and holds a significant place in international ballroom dancing styles. You feel elegant and sophisticated while performing this routine. This style of dancing is usually performed during parties and weddings, as it is romantic and graceful.

3. Tango

Known as one of the most sensuous ballroom dance forms ever, Tango was initiated in the 1890s between Argentina and Uruguay, and it swept the hearts of many. This form of ballroom dance has a lot of influence from European and African cultures. One of the very famous and renowned Tango dancers is Antonio Todaro, who is a great creator and inventor of different techniques. He is a passionate performer and is extremely masculine, strong and powerful. Tango is in his blood and he has the ability to kill anyone with his soft and sensuous moves. So girls, beware!

4. Samba

Samba is known to be the most popular Brazilian ballroom dance, which found its place internationally. This style of dancing is extremely lively and rhythmic, and was incepted in the 19th century. It was then called as ‘Maxxie’. Samba is very popular in Rio where a lot of carnivals take place, and it looks very extravagant in such a setting. This dance can be performed solo, and with a partner as well. It requires elaborate pelvic movements in rhythm, and they look amazing with those dramatic costumes. Luma de Oliveira is one of the very famous names in Samba dancing. She is known to be the ‘Brazilian Carnival Queen’, and is a former model and actress too.

5. Paso Doble

Paso Doble is a traditional Spanish ballroom dance, which was inspired by their famous sport of bullfighting. This style of dancing involves a lot of intensity and drama, and is performed by a couple. The stage is set on fire when there is a Paso Doble performance. There is a leader in this dance called the ‘matador’, and a ‘bull’ played either by the man or the woman. It is extremely fierce and involves a lot of rigorous movements. Visually, it is a treat to watch a couple perform Paso Doble. This dance form comes from the traditions of Spain, and holds an important stand in international ballroom dancing styles.

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