7 Reasons Why The Seven Year Itch May Be True

7 Reasons Why The Seven Year Itch May Be True

After spending a few years together as a married couple, there are possibilities that a couple starts growing apart. The reasons for this could be infidelity, losing love and interest. Here are 7 reasons why the seven years itch may be true

1. Sexual deprivation can set in

The sexual needs of the body don’t get satisfied when the married couple stop or reduce having sex. The reasons could be lack of time, loss of interest, boredom etc. Over the years there are a lot of chances that this would happen.

2. Change in physical appearance

Marriage is about commitment for lifetime, but over years either couples just get too attached and used to each other or grow apart. It’s natural that people start losing their charm and attractiveness over time. The attraction of a wife towards her husband starts decreasing and this is the time when she would get attracted to someone else.

3. The need to go wild and experiment something different

When marital life is only filled with responsibilities, duties and monotony, women start looking for something new in life. They may be attached to their husband but the urge for something new and different would lead to a direction of finding it.

4. Husbands take their wives for granted

A woman feels that she is being taken for granted and no matter what she does her husband doesn’t notice. This just happens because of so many years of being together and not because of the unwillingness to keep the spark alive. To get that importance back, women take drastic steps.

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