6 Things Women can Learn from Men

6 Things Women can Learn from Men

As has been talked about since ages, in books, in films, in comedy shows, and by people in their daily life in general, men and women are completely different from each other. They think differently and function differently on a variety of things, often causing conflicts or arguments between them. However, just like they say that there is always a thing or two to learn even from your enemy, similarly, there is always something you can learn from the opposite sex to add to your life. Here are a few things that women can definitely learn from men.

1. The ‘Box Approach’

It is comically believed that the male brain usually has compartments in the shape of boxes, one for each issue or area of life. The female brain on the other hand is a big mess of wires, all connected to each other and entangled messily. So when a woman is fighting, or is angry over something, she can connect her husband’s habit of leaving socks and shoes in the living room to the unwashed utensils in the kitchen to him not earning enough, to him not treating her nice. As per the woman, all these things are connected and make complete sense to her, but for the man, these are all separate issues of habit, hygiene, work progress, and relationship dynamics. He likes to take things one-step at a time, and you make a mess instead. Let’s admit it, he is right in his approach. The box theory actually gives more clarity, and helps in sorting out issues one by one easily.

2. A little self-indulgence

A little bit of self-focus is not a bad thing. Women often go out of the way to make people happy, thinking that traditionally they are meant to be suppressed, and hence, make sacrifices and compromises when they should be actually standing up for themselves. This is something that men have in them, and that’s probably the reason why they end up living the kind of happy life they want. They know when they need to focus on themselves; and when they have the willingness to shift the focus, they do that quite openly.

3. To be less than perfect

Women are often crazy over being perfect in everything. They want to look perfect, have a perfect family, and please their coworkers perfectly. They need to understand that striving for so much perfection always takes the fun away of the lighter, less-than-perfect moments. To keep everyone happy at the same time is impossible, and there is no point in trying to achieve that either. So for once, listen to men when they say that it doesn’t matter if you don’t put makeup, or if the soupspoon’s color doesn’t match the bowl’s color when the guests come home. It’s alright to breathe a little!

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