6 Myths about Depression You Must Not Believe

6 Myths about Depression You Must Not Believe

Assumptions are the mother of all confusion in life. People assume a lot about many things in life. Assumptions are born out of ignorance and many times it can be pretty dangerous. There are a lot of assumptions and myths surrounding depression. People also use the word very lightly these days meaning that anyone who is sad for a frivolous matter can say that they are depressed in life. Depression is not a state of mind that lasts for a short period of time but it is a serious illness and never should be taken lightly. Here are some myths about depression you must not believe.

1. Depressive people have suicidal tendencies

Although some people suffering from depression may have suicidal thought, not everyone who is depressed wants to take their lives. People live perfectly normal lives on the outside even though they might suffer on the inside. Not all depressed people make a wreck out of their lives.

2. Having happy thoughts is not a cure for depression

Going to a happy place or surrounding yourself with happy thoughts is not a cure for depression and you need to be a little skeptical of people who tell you that laughter cures you of depression. Clinical depression is caused by a chemical imbalance and needs to be treated with medication to control. Laughter can help for a while but it can never be a cure.

3. Depressed people are self-obsessed and cannot think beyond themselves

This is definitely not true. They are not self-obsessed by choice but they try to deal with their problems and should be excused when they do not try to solve your problems. They do have empathy for others around them and it is definitely a myth to think that depression makes people lonely and withdrawn.

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