8 Signs He does not Deserve You

8 Signs He does not Deserve You

Love is blind. And it is just as well. Love demands unconditional acceptance, giving and receiving. It is only then that one loves completely. However, while you may go weak in the knees at the very mention of your loved one’s name, chances are he may not really deserve you. Here’s how you can find out.

1. He is completely distant

Men aren’t very expressive by nature. They have trouble articulating emotions and therefore usually avoid getting into a heart to heart discussion about their feelings. However, this is not to say that men never make their lady feel loved or wanted. If your guy is really into you, he would treat you as an important part of his life, which includes sharing his problems and listening to yours and doing other little things that make you feel special. He may not enthrall you with witty conversations, but he will make sure you feel the warmth and affection in the way he sometimes cuddles up to you, gives you a peck on the cheek, holds your hand or gives you that very special smile. If instead you have a man who does the perfunctory functions of taking you for dinner, calling you ever so rarely and spending just the barest minimum time with you, it is time you need to think if this is really the man you want to be with.

2. He doesn’t see the long term picture

It’s the longest running cliché that men are perennially scared of commitment. That they would rather have fun in the moment and any talk of where the relationship is going may scare them off. While women do put up with that kind of an outlook in men hoping that someday they might change their stand, such an approach is not without its pitfalls. One, women tend to get very emotionally involved and might find it difficult to detach from the guy in the event he decides to leave. Two, the amount of time and energy that one invests in a relationship can make one feel drained and emotionally ill-equipped to ever love again. Therefore, it is important to continually assess if the guy you are with is/will be willing to consider a long term relationship with you. While in the initial stages it is perfectly normal for both the sides to just test the waters, if after a couple of months or so the guy still doesn’t show any sign of taking the relationship to the next level, then maybe you are in the wrong place.

3. He is the eternal playboy

Men can get very flippant about their relationships. They see no harm in charming other women while being in a relationship with someone. Unfortunately, it is also considered socially acceptable to a certain extent. So while you may seethe, the guy can simply say it is all in good fun and move on. While, a little flirting is actually harmless and simply adds spice to your relationship, you have to be clear about where you draw the line. If the guy in question sees nothing wrong in having long phone conversations or endless texts with other women because they are just his good friends, or if going out with other women is simply taking a friend out for him, he may be taking things a little too far. Being in a relationship means he should consider spending time with you and getting to know you should be a top priority. And if that is being compromised so that he can cozy to a multitude of women, then you really need to pack your things and run.

4. He is too full of vices

Social drinking and the occasional smoke are something that most men indulge in. However, smoking, drinking, or partaking of drugs are things that can quickly spiral out of hand. Such habits are not only devastating for the physical health but also cripple a person emotionally. If your guy is a raging alcoholic, a chain smoker or a junkie than pretty much anything else he might do for you comes to naught. Such a guy can’t be trusted to be responsible with anyone’s life, be it his own. He will sooner or later go down the spiral of emotional and physical abuse and lose complete control of his emotions. For a woman to be with a guy like that can be devastating. You may be subjected to his whims and fancies, his mercurial behavior and may also stand the risk of picking up any of the addictions. So no matter if he charms the pants off you, this is one type of a guy you need to stay away from.

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