7 Signs You Are Emotionally Intelligent

7 Signs You Are Emotionally Intelligent

You can have a high IQ, but if you do not have a matching emotional intelligence, you would either be the mad genius or a complete stranger to a lot of people. A decent level of emotional intelligence is needed for everyone so they can get along well with people. You can even get along with life with a low IQ, but a low level of emotional intelligence can get you into a lot of awkward situations in life. Emotional intelligence is all about knowing and anticipating others behaviors and also knowing the right way to respond or behave. It is within you and also stimulated by other people at times. Here are some signs that you are emotionally intelligent.

1. You do not let yourself get hurt by other people

A good sign that you are emotionally intelligent is when you do not let others easily affect you or hurt you. You are emotionally stable and to intelligent to know that others hurt you for their own purposes and that you should not be wasting time thinking about them.

2. You can easily figure out what’s wrong with you and can also get out of a funk

Being emotionally intelligent does not mean that you would not get into trouble but you will be intelligent enough to figure out what got you into trouble in the first place. You will also wise up pretty fast and make sure you do not get into such a situation again.

3. You do not stay in abusive relationships

When you are emotionally intelligent you stay away from relationships that can turn abusive. You do not let yourself be manipulated emotionally by your partner and will hold your ground or get out of it soon.

4. You never complain that you let someone take advantage of you

If you have noticed that you never complain about having taken advantage of, you are clearly emotionally intelligent. You never let anyone get the better of you and you do what you want to do and do not make compromises that can put you in a disadvantageous position.

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