9 Advantages Of Having A Dog

9 Advantages Of Having A Dog

Dogs have been man’s best friend for generations. They are the most loyal animals ever. Having this little canine friend in your house has plenty of advantages. Read to find out.

1. Loyalist

You have a friend about who’s loyalty you can be more than certain. No matter what happens in life, this friend will stand by you till its last breath. Can you be this certain about any other friend of yours?

2. Great Companion

Your dog will be your walking companion even at 3 am, if you are in a mood to go for a walk. It also won’t mind becoming your sleeping partner in case you’re sleepy when everyone is partying outside.

3. Conversational Starter

Dogs are amazing topics that you talk about with someone you wish to break the ice with. So if there is this cutie next door, you really wish to talk to, simply send your dog to his house and act as if you lost it. When you find him there, thank the guy. This will be a great conversational starter.

4. Highly Protective

With a dog in your house, you can drive all your fears away and go to sleep peacefully at night. Your dog will guard your house even when you’re fast asleep. They are also highly protective about their masters. They will give their life to make sure that you’re safe and sound.

5. Loving

After a depressing day at work, when you get back at home, your dog will be there to greet you. As happy as ever and with a twinkle in its eye, it will await your coming. When you finally reach home, your dog’s joy will show no bounds. It does not matter whether you left it alone at home and went outside, you are back now and that’s all that matters to it.

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