8 Most Beautiful Forests in the World

8 Most Beautiful Forests in the World

Thanks to modernization and global warming, forests from all around the world are being destroyed. But, there are many beautiful forests around the world, which are still popular for their natural beauty. Check out the most beautiful forests in the world right here.

1. Sequoia natural forest, USA

Sequoia trees are perhaps the largest trees in the world. Almost all trees have the same mass and volume, which makes the forest look breathtaking. The trees in the forest are older than the Roman Empire. The height of these trees could compete with the statue of liberty. It is indeed the most picturesque forest of the world.

2. Crooked forest, Poland

The forest has about 400 odd trees which are curved and crooked. This makes the forest look really amazing and beautiful. The crooked tree forest was planted in the year 1930. The trees seem like normal pine trees, but they are different in the look and feel. Surely a beautiful view this must be!

3. Daintree rainforest, Australia

Rainforests have become extinct because of global warming. Daintree is a rainforest which comprises rare and exclusive types of trees, plants and insects. This really makes the place so different. Daintree rainforest is perhaps the oldest surviving rainforest in the world.

4. Black forest, Germany

It is the most beautiful black forest of the world. It is called black because the dense conifers block the sun rays even during the day. Black forest also has many unique mountain peaks and lakes, making this place the most beautiful place in the world.

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