Blind Date Tips

Blind Date Tips

Blind dating is quite similar to speed dating wherein you don’t know who the opposite person is, but both of you have come together to find out if a relationship can bloom between the two of you. The success ratio of blind dating remains the same as it does in other forms of dating. Although blind dates may be set up by friends, families or colleagues and they are unlikely to be creepy, embarrassing or seedy, but being a woman you should always be on your guard. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while going for your blind date.

Be careful

One of the most critical factors for a woman, going on a blind date, is to exercise caution while meeting the man. Even if the date has been set up by a common friend, who would surely know about the decency of the person, you cannot trust the real intentions of that man until you meet him. Set up the date in a crowded place or a café during the day. Don’t meet a stranger after dark in a secluded area. Even if your blind date eventually turns out to be very friendly, it never hurts to exercise caution at an early stage. Does it?

Set yourself up with a great date

You must explicitly verbalize your demands to your common friends and trusted coworkers when asking them to set up your blind date. Ask them to ensure, they set you up with someone who they think might be compatible with you. There should be no embarrassment or shyness on your part in seeking this help from close friends.

Be interested

This is not just about getting a boyfriend for the heck of it. The more you are interested in the opposite person’s personal life, goals, dreams, and ambitions, the more successful your blind date will turn out. In this process, having forethought about starting up a conversation will help a lot. Having a strong eye contact, keeping a broad smile on your face and a bit of leaning forward will show that you’re interested.

Dig for information

If you’ve been set up for the blind date by a common friend, finding out basic information about the man before the date will always be helpful. Although it might snatch away some mystery of the blind date, it could give you a great evening by keeping you prepared about what to expect.

Dress impeccably

It is said that a person can make up their mind about another person in the first 15 seconds of meeting them. So you can imagine the importance of dressing well. No one can deny the fact that it is the outer appearance that makes the first impression on the opposite person. It also shows the opposite person that you have taken efforts to look good for the date and hence, you are interested. The key is to be yourself! Don’t use excessive makeup or dress in an extravagant way which may turn off your date. Surely, put efforts in looking good, but don’t overdo it. Your date will surely appreciate this effort.

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