7 Great Reasons to Breakup With Him

7 Great Reasons to Breakup With Him

The going can get tough in a relationship when there isn’t much romance left, there are more fights than conversations and you have to beg for respect from each other. If you are in a similar situation not knowing whether you should dump him or not, read on to find out why you should.

1. You both talk only in swear words

It is acceptable for partners to be angry at each other and hurl curse words occasionally. But if this is becoming the standard manner in which you converse, it is obvious that you are more of enemies than lovers. Fighting with each other all the time and having irreconcilable differences is a good enough reason for you to dump your boyfriend.

2. He has been violent on many occasions

Has your boyfriend slapped you before? Has he been violent many times previously? There is no need for you to tolerate your boyfriend’s abusive behavior for any reason. Instead of becoming a victim and going deeper in the quicksand of your relationship, it is best for you to breakup with your boyfriend.

3. He has cheated on you

Cheating is not just restricted to having an affair with another woman, it also includes lying and backstabbing. If your boyfriend has lied to you a lot or you have caught him red handed flirting with another woman, you needn’t continue dating him. You relationship may have already lost its meaning, making this a reason enough for you to breakup with him.

4. He hasn’t expressed his love for you for ages

It is not necessary that a fight needs to take place for you to breakup with your boyfriend. Sometimes, it does happen that couples simply fall out of love and stop getting along with each other. This is a natural phenomenon that many couples are known to go through. If you have stopped feeling the same way as before for your boyfriend, you may want to consider discontinuing your relationship which has no spark left.

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