Makeup Tricks To Make Your Nose Look Smaller

Makeup Tricks To Make Your Nose Look Smaller

You’ll hardly find a woman who is happy with the shape of her nose. Sometimes it’s too bulbous or too slender or too long or too crooked! Well, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder but your mirror also doesn’t lie! So if you are too worried about the appearance of your nose and want to have a smaller nose, then there’s no need to directly jump to the options of going under the knife and get yourself operated for the same. There are simpler and easier ways of making your nose appear smaller. Read on to know about some of these makeup tricks to make your nose appear smaller.

1. Highlight other features of your face

This is one of those visual tricks that works by taking attention away from the nose and putting emphasis on other features of your face. You can do this by highlighting your cheeks by blushing them properly. Also a bold color on your lips will further ensure that attention is immediately drawn to your lips rather than the nose. Similarly good eye makeup with bold defining eyeliner will highlight your eyes rather than the nose.

2. Use dark colored foundation powder around your nose

It’s important to use clean makeup brush for this. With your brush, take a bit of dark foundation powder and use it on both the sides of your nose. Blend the foundation properly. This will help in giving the illusion of shadows around the nose, thereby giving it a slender and smaller look.

3. Use light colored foundation powder to highlight the center of your nose

The light colored foundation powder should be used from top to bottom of the nose with straight brush-down stroke. This will help to emphasize the center of your nose.

Ensure that you use a good quality foundation and other makeup items. Also practice your makeup tricks at home before actually going to a party. Ask your friends or family how you look with these makeup tricks and then step out to impress everyone with your new look!

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