Top 5 Tips To Help Teen Girls Stay Safe During Parties


“Jennifer, I’m concerned about parenting my teenage daughter, Lydia. She has started attending parties. I don’t know what I can do to make sure she’s safe”, said Stacie. “I have faced similar issues with my teens too. I’ll share a few parenting tips on how you can help teen girls stay safe during parties”, assured Jennifer.

Tip#1: Set a finish time

“Your teens will fight with you when you tell them that they have to come back from a party at a certain time that you fix. But make sure you stay firm and strictly tell them to come home at the given timeline”, advised Jennifer. “Laying out dire consequences for my daughter if she fails to come back in time is a good way to help her stay safe during parties”, said Stacie.

Tip#2: Check your teen’s breath

“You may feel awkward doing this, but it’s an important parenting step that you can take to help your teens stay safe during parties”, said Jennifer. “Use alcohol breath testing tools that are easily available off the shelf. The point to drive home to your teen girls is that they must not consume alcohol, not only because it is illegal for them but also because it can lead to other complications”, she added.

Tip#3: Know their friends and families

Friends, did you know that to help your teen girls stay safe during parties, the first parenting step you should take is to know your teenager’s friends and their parents well? If you know that your teen’s company is good, then you can be rest assured that he/she will be safe at parties in every sense.

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