6 Accessories You Must Not To Wear To Work

6 Accessories You Must Not To Wear To Work

Looking appropriate for office is not as easy as it sounds. A professional woman should dress to look smart, sharp, intelligent, sophisticated and elegant. Clothes and accessories communicate a lot about you. At your workplace, it becomes all the more important to make the right professional impression through your personality which is manifested through your appearance. So check out this quick list of accessories you must avoid wearing at work.

1. Long, big jazzy earrings

They are a big no-no at office. Instead go for something small and elegant like stud earrings.

2. Long beaded hippie necklaces

No matter how much you like such kind of jewelry, never ever wear them at office. Ideally, you can go without a necklace. But still if you don’t want a bare neck, then a very delicate and thin gold chain or an elegant string of pearls is the best choice.

3. Colorful trendy watches

When it comes to office wear, simple elegant watches are the best. Rather than going for the latest fashion and wearing vivid trendy watches, it’s better to be conventional and go for professional looking simple watches with a clear dial.

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